Polo Shirt—Golf Attire Standard

Polo Shirt—Golf Attire Standard - morefiz

Golf is an elegant sport, but also a sport that pays great attention to etiquette. For golf, it has its own dress code, which is also a part of golf culture.

When it comes to golf clothing, anyone who is exposed to golf should know that a shirt with a collar and sleeves should be worn when playing golf. General membership clubs usually require members to wear POLO shirts. POLO shirts can be regarded as standard golf clothing.

"POLO" means polo, which was often worn by nobles in the upper class when they played polo, and later became popular. As one of the representatives of sportswear, it has been highly respected since its inception, and has experienced the rise and fall of various sports such as polo, tennis, and golf. The modern POLO shirt design is due to the famous tennis legend and seven-time Grand Slam winner Jean René Lacoste, who launched a collared sweatshirt under his sports brand LACOSTE.

By the second half of the 20th century, golf, which had been adhering to the tradition, ushered in a change. Some players brought POLO shirts with both comfort and etiquette to the green, abandoning the tradition of wearing woolen sweaters to participate in official games in summer. So more and more golfers wear POLO shirts.

Today, POLO shirts have developed into the standard equipment of golf. The crisp collar, chest placket and button design are neither too casual and casual like ordinary T-shirts, nor stiff and serious like shirts, between formal and informal. POLO shirts often have an elegant style, which coincides with the "elegance" of golf. The neat version and simple style leave a good impression on people.

The "gentleman's spirit" of golf interpreted by POLO shirts is a new definition of sports and leisure, and a manifestation of respect, inheritance and innovation of golf culture. DEXGOLF has also been focusing on POLO shirts, providing golfers with etiquette, aesthetic and dynamic golf apparel.